Song Airlines


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So I guess Delta is launching a Southwest/JetBlue like airline. I saw a short clip about it on Fox News. Anyone else heard of it? They didn't provide much info on it, no aircraft types, cities served, nothing. I understand that there is a huge piece of the low fare pie to be had. However it just seems like crappy timing to me. A lot of majors are having financial difficulties, but Delta wants to start a new airline? That can't be a cheap venture. Anyone have any other info on the new airline?
US Airways tried this with MetroJet(also commonly referred to as 'GhettoJet' and 'Tomatoe Jet') - it didn't work for them. It didn't work for Delta when it was Delta Express. You would think that someone would get the idea.

I guess my major question is - How is this going to be any different than Delta Express?? Different airplane type in different colors but other than that isn't it the same general business plan operating in the same cities?????????

Songs only leg to stand on is that it is being created with out the Delta attached to it and without their colors.

Jetblue has become a fad like a popular fashion that has people talking with the TV screens and new airplanes etc. Delta express did not advertise much as a seperate carrier and relied only on Delta to bring the passengers. With Song advertising as a "new" type of airline possibly they could get people to jump on their bandwagon. With Delta Express and Metrojet people mostly didnt know they were flying anything other then DeltaExpress or Usairways, you cant tell a difference other then the pilots said more jokes and there were more seats in them.

saying all that, its still going to be tough to make it work.