Some pics from a trip to AZ


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Just wanted to share some pictures from time building in the Twin Comanche with stormchaser. We decided to take a little trip out to Arizona and experience the Grand Canyon. Andy had heard a few of my stories from flying out there and wanted to check it out. Plus I though it was a good lesson in Density Altitude and Mountain Flying.

Here are the Pics, enjoy.



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<p>nice pics

Nice pics.

Our very own Dr. Forred has an advertisement in one of the FBOs in Page. One of the things it mentions are the donuts in his office. And underneath someone wrote "I guess he isn't a cardiologist ;). ".

I thought that was funny.


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Yeah, it was a pretty sweet trip!

I learned all about density altitudes, canyon and mountain flying, and what turbulence actually feels like! It's pretty windy on the other side of Albuquerque! And I even got to experience some real-world prop over-speeding! Turns out we blew a hole in our nitrogen canister. Quick fix by our shop, though.

(and we had some fun, too! We flew into Holbrook, Arizona, only to be greeted by the local chain gang [true story!], paid less for Avgas than I do for car gas, and talked all about Crayola crayons...)

Thanks, Van!