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New here and just curious.

Doc says I may have Superior Oblique Myokymia.

He could not detect the symptoms on any exam but the description I gave made him to think this.

Have had my medical for many years, is this a denial?:mad:

Vision good, corrected anyway. He says it could be stress.


My Flight Surgeon

Sr. Aviation Medical Examiner
What class of medical do you hold?

Do you have any visual problems or is it just the sensation your eye is moving? Is there shaking of the vision or tilting of the vision in one eye?

Have you had an MRI of the orbit?


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I had an MRI and everything came out fine, healthy. My vision is great and no sort of disease present.When I had this it did appear that the eye had spasms if you will, not continuous, on and off. Vision was still good.Neuro-opt. could not detect the symptoms during the examination.Currently everything is fine with no problems in the eye, just went away if you will.I have held a first class for a long time and am an ATP.Thanks