Solo X Countrry


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Just did my first solo x-country finally after the weather finally pushed through and it went great accept the fact I couldnt transmit, luckily I didn't have to fly into a radio controlled airport as I was unaware that it wasn't working..I was trying to figure why no one was answering me when asked for runways in use etc, but I figured it out listening to the atis etc.. Also I didn't bother to look at the "T" light when I did transmit so I am still learning I guess.. I have another one in a few days than off for the written and hopefully my check ride by middle of June...Man I am so jacked, feeling more and more like a pilot everyday if I can say that......Did I say I still have a smile on my face.......:).. 42.3hrs and counting so far......
Hey man Great job! Don't worry sometimes I don't check the light either. I'll be flying along and it's all quiet then I think about it. At least you figured it out. Keep up the good work you'll be there in no time!
rock out the first Xcountries!...i didn't have my first radio failure till around my commercial ticket...damn good experience!
I fly out of 17N......I fly down towards the Jersey Beaches and such than over to Del...Next x-country is over to KILG than onto LNS.....