So much for the curse being lifted...


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Just when my flying was starting to get interesting, I get a message from my CFI telling me that she's resigned effective yesterday.

Maybe it's the conspiricy theorist in me (anymore I think that's a prerequsite for being on this board
), but I just hope that she got a job or something on short notice. I mean most people would give like 2 weeks notice. Of course I don't know how it works in the flight instructing biz. I'd hate to find out that it was something like the school is going under and she just got out while the getting was good.

Anyhow. She's supposed to be calling me back so we can talk about her replacement etc.

As if I didn't have enough problems with this crappy Ohio weather. Oh well, that which does not kill me, will make me stronger and probably drive me insane.

At least I'm not being attacked by wild monkeys...this week.