Snow Photos

Hey, it's Canada!
That is ridiculous. Where exactly is that?

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Labrador, a part of Newfoundland. (just north of it on the Atlantic)
WOW! I have no idea where Labrador Highway is - where is it? Canada? way up north i take it?
Years ago (enroute to Saudi Arabia) our C-141 missed its in-flight refueling and we had to land at Goose Bay Labrador. While we waited for fuel we drank every beer in their All-Ranks club and wandered about the sparse Labradorean landscape. Mature trees are barely waist high. Checking out some of the local vehicles we noticed that the license plates read: Newfoundland and Labrador, now that’s how far out it is, it doesn’t even get first billing on the license plates.
Looks like upstate NY right now. A town 25 miles north of here has picked up 72" - that's 6 FEET - of snow in the last 48 hours, with another 2 feet expected today/tonight/tomorrow. No wonder we're the snowiest city in the US!
I wish I had all that snow right now. Most of the ice/snow in NC has melted away, but we still have a few patches of ice here in Clayton, NC. They were expecting us to see another ice storm tomorrow, but now they're saying that it should be all rain except for just a sleet pellet of freezing rain drop at the beginning of it.
It kind of looks like I-94 here in Michigan, minus all the rolled-over semi's and cars in the ditch. Okay, so maybe the snow isn't that deep here, but it sure is close
It's been a bad month for that dang lake effect snow. Wake up, it's snowing, good to bed, it's snowing. Spring needs to hurry up, I'm definately ready.

<------ two years ago this month I was in Bermuda, taking this photo. I think it's time for another visit.
What? who? where? someone has pictures of me? oh... I see, you mean that fluffly white stuff that falls from the sky that we never see here in Florida
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Ahhh...The Power of the JCuser.