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I have been viewing this forum for quite some time, however, I felt it was time to start posting my questions/comments. First of all, I just want to send out a huge thanks to Doug for creating this forum for all of us to enjoy! However, I do have a question:

1) Can anyone out there be of help in regards to good FBOs/flight training out at SNA?

I plan to start my instrument training this summer down there and would appreciate any feedback.

I fly out of Lenair, I think they are great, for what you get the price is reasonable, the instruction is good, and it is just a nice school to fly out of.
1) Can anyone out there be of help in regards to good FBOs/flight training out at SNA?

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I did my training at Royal Aviation and am now an instructor out of here. I really like the atmosphere and the planes are the cheapest on the field!

checkout the website at Royal Aviation

PM me if you have an specific questions!
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Well... I've flown out of Lenair, Sunrise, and OCFC.

OCFC has, by far, the nicest planes and best program on the field (never been to Royal mind you... but I do plan on a checkout!). They also have the highest price (figures...).

It is a tossup between Lenair and Sunrise IMHO. If I had to chose I'd probably pick Sunrise due to the fact that Lenair charged me when I had a problem and had to bring it back (
^^ But sunrise seems to upset more people as with them it seems to take a lot more flight time ($$) to get your license there then others on the feild.

Possibly; however I don't know... they do have their own examiner (who is really cool BTW).

I've heard stories both ways from Lenair AND Sunrise; people are either happy or they aren't... there doesn't seem to be a lot of in betweens.
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Going back to the original topic, most people doing their training aren't interested in flying new airplanes. Although very nice, I think they would prefer to save the buck and go with the less expensive airplane providing that the wing is not falling off. I left Sunrise because I felt I was getting shafted, plain and simple. My friend left Lenair because he has gone thru $10,000 and they still had not gotten him thru his private! Went elsewhere and was able to finish the rest of his ratings up thru Multi IFR/COM for about the same price. I flew with the guy a few times, he was not a dummy, and I felt this guy should have finished within 60 hours easily.

WHat I would recommend diong is taking a demo flight at all four places and seeing for yourself which fits you best.

It would run you a little less then $200 but you would be saving a lot more in the long run considering your going to be spending thousands of $'s at the place.

Orange County Flight Center is 949-756-1300
Sunrise is 949-852-8850
Royal Aviation is 714-557-7174
Lenair....don't know...never had to call them.

Good luck and remember to have fun where ever you go.
I have been flying out of Sunrise. It does take a while and cost a lot of $$ but the instruction you get is worth it. I feel like they train way beyond the required standards and hence the extra time and $$. They also have a nice casual environment, and if you ever work there as a CFI you don't have to wear airline pilot wannabe uniforms a la Flightsafety.

They usually will knock a few tenths off the time for things like getting delayed too long for traffic, etc. I have never flown with Lenair or OCFC so I can't really make a comparison.