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I saw this post on flightinfo and had to post it. I figured it would be a good break from all the political flaming that's been going on as of late....If this doesnt brighten your Friday afternoon I dont know what will...

You know what I am often very negative about the industry too. But....right now you do not need 2000/500 to get hired. Regionals are going below those mins often. I got on a few months ago with 1500/500...many in my class had less then me. No one walked in my stuff. Was i lucky? yes. I only instructed for a year and a half......that wasn't so bad in the grand scheme of things i say. Even though i wanted to be done with it in half that time. Oh well. The airlines are gonna be better sooner or later....the population just keeps on growing....look at all the schools that are expanding.....2 towns that i lived have changed area codes...because they ran out of phone people are living longer. Better days are ahead. Then you have all the retirements! In the next decade the major airlines are gonna be retiring crazy amounts of people each year. Then consider how nice it will be without our country considering..or being at war. Improvements are on the horizon i say. With all this drama right now.....i still get emails from aviation every other day....there is still a lot of action even in this climate, at all levels! Consider how things will be when the economy goes back up! Even if it takes you 5-10 years to get to say the capt seat of jetblue. 5-10 years of may be making 50K or less......the 100K+ pay checks at jet blue will offset that pretty quick. Soon talk will come back about how we need more airports...not enough room in the sky, we need free flight.........and if you remember...the big story in the news will be shark attacks off new symerna beach, florida. Does anyone remember...before 9/11.that was all the news had...shark attacks..(the year of the shark), and alliyah crashing in that over loaded twin. Those days will be back. I can hear the footsteps. Anyone been in laquardia lately? It is still so busy is a miracle to get into the sequence with ground would never know there is a travel slump there. Or in the florida airports right now. They are packed! The whole system is being cleaned out....or like a tree being pruned...for bigger and better things. And then after we punk iraq....and then north democracy's may mean more travel destinations for airliners. And less fear. Let bush do this right. If we put all the 9/11 security in place before 9/11........imagine all the protests. For the 1st time we are not being reactive...we are making the first move. We'll see. Talk will shift soon....the A380 is hear in a year or cool will that be? I say it will be a symbol of the return of good times. People are gonna want to get on that thing. If it starts flying revenue in 2006....that will be just perfect timing. Technology and computers are still the hottest thing com collapse, dot com collapse...whatever.......i go into circuit city or best buy at least once a month, everytime i am in there they got all this new cool stuff.....the shelves are changing everyweek i swear. Computers are still the future....and when people get some money back in there out! They have such cool stuff are crazy not to buy it. The future is so bright, we have to wear shades. If you fly them, they will come. Just a matter of time before we are complaining how it is hard to non rev cause the flights are over sold. I know it is.