Small Victory


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Well, I'm finally slowly moving up in the world. I just got a job flying corporate in a Bonanza (hehe, I feel kind of dumb saying that, but thats what it is). Anywhere east of the Miss. River is fair game for the trips. Sure, its no jet...but its a start. And I was told that it will probably lead to the left seat of a C-90 KingAir after about a year. I don't want to get my hopes up too much for that, but it sure would be sweet!

The best part is, once I start, I can go to working part-time at my current instructing gig. That means I will still be getting decent hours, but since I will no longer be salary, I will be able to make my own schedule. And no more sitting on my duff fighting with my ornery boss in the office on slow days- I might actually be able to have a life!

Its true what they say about corporate jobs being mostly word-of-mouth...thats how I got this! Anyways, sorry to toot my own horn, but I just thought it might be encouraging to everyone- there really are jobs out there!
Nice job..I guess this means you won our little race...CONGRATS!!!!

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Won? Nah, I just completed the first lap...
What kind of Bonanza? My first corporate job had a Bonanza we used on relatively short trips - it was a late model('94 I think) A36 with the Victor Gold engine - I loved that airplane. The only bad thing was it was a little difficult to start if you didn't do it right but man - what an awesome airplane - if I ever have enough money I'd love to have an A36.

V35B- New engine, new avionics...pretty sweet plane.

Oh yeah...and this one has a yaw damper (anyone who has flown a V-tail will know why that matters).
And someone that knows how to spell it right!! One of my pet peeves is when people call them 'yaw dampeners' is DAMPER!

Have you flown the airplane yet?? Always wondered how those V Tails flew.

Not this particular one, but I have about two hours in the same make/model from a while back. That one didn't have a yaw D-A-M-P-E-R (
). From what I remember, it was a very nice flying airplane, though it did have sort of wierd yaw oscillations in turbulence. Not too bad though.
you know what i say - any start is a good start!!!!!

Congrats man!! Keep up the good work!!
Good for you!! I'm sure your excited, moved up from the Cessna's(great planes too)and getting paid. Life is good.

Blue Skies to you...