Sleeping in the Jumpseat?


Sitting in the median
Do you believe it is acceptable for an ACM to sleep while occupying the cockpit jumpseat? For instance, if he/she is commuting to/from work?
Eh... I do it. I've seen plenty of other people do it. If they need me they'll wake me up. The floor of the 757 is actually pretty comfortable.
I've had many Capt's tell me that it's ok to sleep while in cruise flight (esp on redeyes)...but once we get below 18,000' or during an emergency, they'll want me awake and attentive.
I fell asleep in the jumpseat once and the CA switched seats and epaulettes with the FO, when I woke back up I was pretty confused. (actually just joking about that story)

I think its ok to sleep, sometimes you just cant help it to stay awake. However I do agree with Lucas on being alert during certain phases of flight.
I think it's fine.

I also think it's fine if they want you to be awake until 10K on the way out and below on the way in (or top of descent or whatever point in flight that they think things are busy enough that they'd like an extra set of eyes again).
Eh... I do it. I've seen plenty of other people do it. If they need me they'll wake me up. The floor of the 757 is actually pretty comfortable.
I have a "friend" that said he has slept once or twice on redeyes criss crossing the country. Fedex has some comfy sleepers as well if you are on the md11.
I fell asleep on a jumpseat once on a DC-9 and on a redeye jetBlue F/A jumpseat;)

I've had pilots and FAA guys fall asleep in my jumpseat plenty of times....
As long as you don't expect the crew to alter their routine or communications in order to provide you a nice quiet refuge to sleep in, it is generally OK to nap a bit en route. It might be appropriate to mention to the captain that it has been a long day and ask if he/she would mind if you closed your eyes for awhile. As an ACM, you should plan to be awake the first and last 15 minutes of the flight to assist in traffic avoidance tasks and others as needed.
The only time I don't think a person sleeping on the jumpseat is acceptable is if they are there for official duty.

Nonrevving, I have absolutely slept on the jumpseat, with no stipulations, and I've had others do the same when on my jumpseat as well.

At the end of the day, the jumpseat is a union negotiated way to and from work.

About the only things I find unacceptable:
1) Not asking permission, and assuming you are owed a ride
2) Whipping out the laptop or having a PED or just jabbering on below 10k like you've never been exposed to the environment.
3) Making yourself a little too comfortable (putting your feet on the pedestal or "helping out" - yes, I had a jumpseater move a non-critical switch without asking. I was the FO, so I sat on my hands)

Of course, the above (except the obvious stuff) was when I was in pax. Now, the "Jumpseat" is a business class seat, and possibly a bunk, so things are way different.
I used to sleep in the F/A JS all the time commuting/non-reving (though never for takeoff or landing).

Lock up the shoulder harnesses, tuck the chin down and here comes Mr. Sandman!
Anyone who hasn't fallen asleep in the jumpseat must have a pretty easy job. The rest of the folks are just plain tired.
As long as you don't bother me or interrupt the normal flow of cockpit business....have at it. Try not to drool on the center console though!!!
The four seats in back of the MD11 on FDX make a nice bed... so did the the bunks on the UPS MD11's. ;)

I don't.

I've only slept on FDX & UPS when not in the cockpit...but I don't mind if pilots on my jumpseat do. As long as they aren't rude they can do what ever.
I had an FAA inspector fall asleep on the jump seat. He woke up when we went into reverse on landing.
I've had a CA make me a bed with jumpseat cushions on the floor of an A320 for a red-eye flight... plus I once fell asleep with a female Delta flight attendant on a jetBlue FA jumpseat...she leaned her head on my shoulder, so I leaned my head on her head. It was kinda nice... comfortable enough to fall asleep.