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Went an jumped out of a perfectly good airplane this summer with my brother, his girlfriend, and another friend of his. Of course now I'm hooked and saving my pennies to get my AFF....

The whole set can be found:

Samatha (my brother's girlfriend) going right before me

Yup, there they go...


My turn:





Dannng, That's some crazy stuff there. Looks like a great time.:clap:

What alt. did you jump from?

How much free-fall?
Jump was from 14000, free fall lasted about 60 seconds then about 5 minutes to get to the ground after that.
Nice pictures, I love the guy going barefoot. Where exactly did you do this in Houston? I may end up doing this before the end of the year for a friends birthday.
This was actually done in NH, but I've already been up to Skydive Houston in Waller and they seem like a good outfit.
Awesome pics!

By looking at all the pics in your album, it seemed like your freefall was longer than 60 seconds.
What was your weight limit? Some places around here say "big boys" like us are a bit heavy to jump out of airplanes attached to another dude.
Great pics. I just did my first tandem jump earlier this summer. Doing the AFF course would be a blast. I just can't get the money together to do it.
Weight limit for a tandem was 250 , to go solo for AFF it's 225... luckily at my trim 215 I'm good both ways :insane: