Sky High Gear FLightbag

I have the bag, and I highly recommend it. It's got pockets for everything, it seems, and it's really well made. I expect no problems with durability. Also, the big Lightspeed headsets fit in the side pockets just fine, which I have heard is a problem with some other flight bags. It's a good bag for a good price.
I've got one too, I've commented on it before. Better than anything else out there, and I've looked at a lot of gear bags.
I just got mine in the mail last week.
All I can say is it's nice to finally have a bag that appears as if it was designed by a pilot.
Best flight bag I've ever had!!!
85 dollars for a bag? Never! 8 dollars for a backpack from Walmart -- oh yeah!
I used to be like that when I was younger, and they lasted maybe half a year. I bought a North Face backpack for $65 bucks, which was half price due to store going out of business, and it has lasted me for 4 years. No tear or wear spots either, and North Face has the best zippers. You pay for quality my man!
It's a great bag. The guy actually lives about 3 miles from my house. I went over and looked at it and was seriously considering buying it until my wife and her folks shelled out the $350 for a Scott leather case for Christmas! Boy was I surprised!

Anyway, if I did a bunch of GA flying, that would be the bag for me! Pockets and pouches galore! A place for EVERYTHING!

He's an international business man who is a pilot and went through a bunch of flight bags, none of which had what he wanted. So he designed his own. In the business he's in he works a lot with nylon bag manufacturers in China so knew exactly what it would take to make a good, sturdy bag- and how to do it for not a lot of money.
When I upgrade from my crappy "Jeppesen Navigator-Royal Blue", I'll be going Sky High babyyyyyyy.

In the meantime I'm picked up a little Wal-Mart special for the local training "sorties", a la jdflight.


p.s. jd, you did a nice job of washing all the bugs off 53B, but you forgot to take the tape off the pitot mast brotha'. "Airspeed alive...uhhhh, not yet"
does it have pockets for a hh-gps AND a portable radio?

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The padded, soft-lined pocket in the front outside compartment is large enough for a Garmin 295 or a handheld radio, but the pocket next to it is large enough for only a pair of foggles or sunglasses. I was thinking it might be big enough for a Garmin GPS III Pilot, but that's doubtful, and that pocket isn't padded anyway. There are a couple pockets inside one of the headset pouches that you could put one or the other in, but I've got my headset's battery pack and spare in there.

As I mentioned in the other thread, I've got both 1" and 2" Jeppesen binders and a California Pilot's guide binder partitioned off in the main compartment, and that leaves a compartment space about 3"W x 7"D x 9"H, plenty big for a handheld radio in a padded case and more.
You guys that have it...what kind of flying do you do with it? I'm in the process of finding a decent flight bag to start my private with. (in a few weeks).

Would something like this be too much? How much am I realistically gonna need to carry as a beginning private student? I was thinking about just using an old school backpack...will that work? If not, this thing looks pretty dang nice.
Your old school backpack will do just fine for your training, but you'll eventually accumulate enough stuff that you'll probably want something a little more organized.
Is the pocket they put foggles in big enough for an airmap 100? I think you guys sold me on it (you sure you dont work for the company? hehe)
Is the pocket they put foggles in big enough for an airmap 100?

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MAYBE, but I kinda doubt it. A Garmin 12 series might.

I think you guys sold me on it (you sure you dont work for the company? hehe)

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Not yet, I don't--but we'll see...
I'd highly suggest that anyone considering one order it now; it wouldn't surprise me to see substantial price hikes to accommodate dealer markup and whatnot as Sky High moves to the retail channel.
You all are giving me a serious case of buyer's regret. I Got the Sporty's bag, which is ok, but this bag looks like it dominates