Size and Frequency of OKC Classes?


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Hi! What is the typical size for a class in OKC and do you know the frequency in which they start? It seems like there is a class beginning every one or two months depending on the season, but I wonder how often it actually is and if you cross paths often with other classes in different stages.


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depends on the class. they have to coordinate basics to end whenever the enroute, terminal, or rtf classes. my class has 8 in it, ive heard of some basics classes having as many as 30+. and know that rtf classes have about 12-24 people in the class. once you find out what option (terminal/enroute/tracon) then you can get a better idea of how many to expect in your class

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My class is very small (12 students). We are all going to TRACON. I like the small classroom setting. We are together until the end of the academy training. The other class after us has about 25 students. So it all depends on type of facility you are assigned to.


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I'm currently in a terminal basics class and we have 11 students (we were all hired OTS, though we have a few CTI and military). There's a basics class in the classroom next to ours that probably has around 30 people (they're all headed enroute), so it doesn't seem there's any rhyme or reason to the class size question.


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Wow, quite a gap in class dates between September and October of this year. The classes also seem to become less frequent as well.


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If you are an OTS this is how long it would take in OKC:

Tower - 13 weeks
TRACON - 10 weeks
Enroute - 14 weeks


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Actually enroute is 17 weeks (which includes the Basics class all OTSs are required to take). I'm not sure on the others.