Sioux Sweep the Gophers!!!


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I'm sure most of you don't really care. This was a huge weekend in Hockey for UND. Nice sweep at home. You may not know this if you live under a rock or are just a true UND hater.

I went to a great UND Alumni party at Joe Sensors in Bloomington. Had a blast! Pretty much the best time i have had with other fellow UND Alum since approximately 1,000 of us rained downed on Brooklyn's Bar in Denver last year before our Frozen Four routing. These satellite party's happen all over the country and are a great time even for future Sioux. Just want to put a positive spin on this forum!!!!:nana2:

P.S. Taylor Swift on SNL is F'ing hot:nana2::nana2::nana2:
Congrats on your win. I didn't go to UND or U of M but I saw we (the Gophers) lost big time. Who do you fly for? Mesaba, Compass, Pinnacle? I saw you fly CRJ so I'm guessing one of these. I'm working on my PPL & hoping to someday fly jets. However, I'm kinda old to start but oh well.

I was at both games this weekend and absolutely loved them! Friday's game shocked me and we proved it wasn't a fluke Saturday night. Last night was really good-it had everything you could want from a hockey game: fights, goal-scoring, fans that were excited to be there and didn't leave when we got ahead.

Hopefully this is another one of our 2nd half runs!!!:nana2: