Single Pilot IFR Safety Seminar


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Time: Tonight at 8pm Eastern.

We'll be discussing the challenges of flying IFR by yourself tonight.

All welcome! for a free download (get the beta version.) Go to Groups and look for "Aviation Safety Seminar."
So seriously ya'll need to come check this out. I came on at the end of it, and didn't get to talk much airplanes but it was a hoot to get to talk with John and EatSleepFly a bit. The craziest thing is that me and John actually had a conversation without politics and trying to discredit the other.

Amazing stuff I tell ya.


John Herreshoff
Make sure you give a valid email address.

Politics will be avoided in safety seminars
darnit, it's 11:20 ET now so I guess I missed it. As I've got 3 more hrs till my IFR checkride, this would have been awesome.

Oh well, I was out flying a really neat Trinidad this evening so I guess it's not all bad.
Thanks for posting though - hopefully there will be another one of these that I can catch in the future.

The activation code is sent to your email address almost immediately. I would say try again and check spelling. If not, PM me and maybe I can set it up for you and PM you the code.

We will be doing these seminars every Sunday at 8pm ET, whether I am there or not! If you are an ASC and would like to host, please PM me.

Here is a link to the proposed schedule so far.

Next sunday is open discussion because I will be out of town and unable to present a powerpoint on the video.

By the way I am buying a laptop this week and would appreciate suggestions. I have formerly owned Dell and VAIO and not to happy with them (no durability.)

I need GeForce 4 graphics or better
I need Wireless Networking
I need 56k modem
I need XP Pro
I need 512mb Ram
I need CD-RW
I need Projection capability

I'm thinking of a Gateway 600s