Simulator instruction in Europe with FAA certs


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Shot in the dark here, but is anyone familiar with whether it's possible to do simulator instruction in Europe (e.g. CAE) with FAA certs, assuming you independently have the right to live-and-work? Either as a short-term prospect while converting or long-term?
It is, I’ve been to CAE Gatwick/Burgess Hill. You need 1500 to be an ‘SFI’. They are hiring. I don’t know why you’d convert though. That’s a heck of a process.

(also flightsafety farnborough. those are your options.)
Thanks. I have an Irish passport, so the CTA would cover me in the UK, but would I probably prefer somewhere else in Europe if the opportunity arose.

Conversion is a pain, but if I were relocating to Europe indefinitely/permanently I think it would make sense.