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Hey guys. Can sim time count towards total time for 135 minimums. The way I read the regs it can't but I wanted to get your input. If it can, does it depend on the type of sim. Thanks in advance.


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Over a month and no replys? Really? I kinda wonder the same thing. I got 54 hours in a FSI CRJ200 sim. Can you include it in your Total time? If it does it puts me only 250hrs away from the magic 1000hr mark everyone wants now:banghead::banghead::banghead: :banghead: Im going to the regs for you buddy! brb

PArt 61.51(c)
Logging of pilot time. The pilot time described in this section may be used to:
(1) Apply for a certificate or rating issued under this part or a privilege authorized under this part; or
(2) Satisfy the recent flight experience requirements of this part.

So Im guessing you could say youre going for your ATP so under 61.157(g) it doesnt give a maximum limit for sim time but it has to be either a level C or D sim and theres a mess of other conditions. But 135 isnt a certificate or rating you just have to have minimum experience and pass a check ride. But if youre talking about sim time used to get your Priv. or Com. then yes you can. I got my 135 VFR letter and had about 50 or 100 or whatever sim time allATPs was allowed to stick in.


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(c) except as provided in paragraph (a) of this section, no certificate holder may use a person, nor may any person serve, as pilot in command of an aircraft under ifr unless that person—
(1) holds at least a commercial pilot certificate with appropriate category and class ratings and, if required, an appropriate type rating for that aircraft; and
(2) has had at least 1,200 hours of flight time as a pilot, including 500 hours of cross country flight time, 100 hours of night flight time, and 75 hours of actual or simulated instrument time at least 50 hours of which were in actual flight; and
(3) for an airplane, holds an instrument rating or an airline transport pilot certificate with an airplane category rating; or
(4) for a helicopter, holds a helicopter instrument rating, or an airline transport pilot certificate with a category and class rating for that aircraft, not limited to vfr.
far 1.1

flight time means:
(1) pilot time that commences when an aircraft moves under its own power for the purpose of flight and ends when the aircraft comes to rest after landing; or
(2) for a glider without self-launch capability, pilot time that commences when the glider is towed for the purpose of flight and ends when the glider comes to rest after landing.


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For part 135 specifically, you may not use flight sim time toward your total time for that exact reason above.

However, if you could talk to your check airman and try to get an ATP during your 135 training then you could use sim time toward your total. The key is that you are trying to use sim time now toward a certificate, the ATP.


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Up to 100hrs can be used towards your ATP. It depends who you talk to as to whether it counts towards Part 135 mins. However in my opinion it doesn't. Which sucks considering I have 300+ hrs of Level-D sim time.