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Sierra hiring Cfi\'s

Does Sierra hire from the outside, and is there a backlog of instructors?
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I know they have hired "from the outside" in the past. However, that was pre-9/11. Last I heard there is, indeed, a 'backlog' of instructors waiting for an opening to be hired into.
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I worked at Sierra for 8 months in 1996 on the Korean Air side of the house at Livermore. They hired me from the outside. The guy who's in charge of that division is Jeff Heitzberg(sp). Good way to build time and you can't beat the package they offer. When I worked there starting pay was $30k/yr, full medical....can't come close to that free-lancing. Good Luck.

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The last post is right on. The KAL program out of Livermore is one sweet deal. "Back in the day" Sierra did hire from the outside to meet demand. However, we currently have many applicants from various flight schools around the country who are being turned away. At this time, Sierra is only hiring from within to maximize opporitunity for their own students.
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How is Sierra Doing? I know a friend of mine that was a CFI at Sierra since '98 who was recently laid-off with several others including the chief flight instructor! He was the last person I knew who was still at Sierra. I want to know how things are going since the change?
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My understanding is Sierra has a backlog of instructors at the moment and that their Korean program may take the "Big Adios" like Air China did. Not sure but that is what I heard from some people there.
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I heard from a current CFI who recently got hired that right now, graduates who pass the Sierra CFI written exam and interview will wait between 1 and 6 months for a CFI slot. The speed at which one will get a slot is dependant upon performance rather than senority.
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I'm sure other opinions exist on the matter, but here's mine:

In regard to recent changes @ Sierra - the layoffs were part of a re-structuring of the flight department. It appears as though some of the higher paying positions were eliminated. These recent changes demonstrate that even Sierra Academy is not immune to the post-9/11 aviation industry. I actually find it relatively positive that Sierra was able to go more than 18 months before a re-structure was necessary.

Some good signs around Sierra have been the improvement of facilities. Some rooms are getting new carpet, the flight lounge received new chairs & tables, and one room is getting a more complete "makeover." It makes sense to me that if Sierra were in DIRE financial trouble, these improvements would cease. The money put into improvements indicate that they plan to continue operating.

Perhaps most encouraging is that instructors continue to get hired into part 135 & airline jobs, new instructors are being hired, and a decent influx of new students is noticed. The relatively positive morale must be rooted in the above mentioned facts.

The quality of training has not been compromised and shows promise to continue as one of the nation's premier flight schools.

Hope that helps give a picture of what's going on - from my perspective.
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I remember trying to get a job at Sierra! Even interviewed at the LVK/Korean Air gig.