Sierra and College


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Hey everyone.

How feasible is it to attend Sierra Academy, complete the Direct Track Internship Program, as well as go to college? I know it sounds like a big load, but is it possible? I already know about the agreement they have with ERAU, but I am not interested in that. Any former or current students have any input? Thanks.
Not too likely. The time you spend going to college will slow your flight progress. If you progress too slowly, you could be put on probation and, ultimately, .....

I admire your motivation, but it is highly recommended to accomplish college and flight school as separate as reasonable. However, it could be done, and you might be the one to do it.

Yeah you can still go to college and attend Sierra at the same time. They are pretty flexible when it comes to switching from part 141 to 61 especially after your done thru your commercial phase and on to your CFI.

Just don't take on a fullload of college work. I attend U.C. Berkeley I only take about 2 to 3 classes a semester. I don't know of anyone there that has been kicked out due to lack of progress. Its usually becase they cheated on an exam or failed the same stage check 3 times in a row or doing something really dumb.

I just got back from 6 months Active Duty in Afganistan so I'm going back there to finish up my CFI. I'll probably spend another $20,000 maybe I'm not really sure but I know I'll be really rusty. Even though it can get really expensive I'm just so stuck on Sierra academy. I've been here since 2000 and have not really thought of anywhere else to go I just keep throwing money at them. I'll get there eventually.

Good Luck!!
Seirras ad mentions getting credits for a degree from a "highly-regarded university." Anyone know what university they are talking about and what their affiliation is?
The college they refer to is Emery Riddle Aeronautical University which has a extended campus down the street from Sierra Academy. Although they do have agreements with San Jose state, and I think 1 other campus.

As for going to college, they strongly recommend against doing it your first year as the classes are pretty intense on your workload. It is recommended your complete phase 1 which gets you up to your CFI then they want you to enroll in ERAU (if you dont have a degree already) and take classes while doing the direct track internship. So basically your teaching, taking classes at night, and working on your own CFI ratings at the same time, ie: CFII, etc..