Shuttle Carrier & a Cessna 400


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Nice Pics! We've had a Kelly Aerospace Cessna 400 on our ramp over the last month, mean look with the forward sweep on the landing gear!


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Did you fly with Pia? What did you think about the Cezz 400?
Yup, I flew with Pia! She was great about letting all of your CFI's go up for a quick hop. She even took us out for lunch on Cessna's tab. It's a great plane, but it makes it painful to step back into a 172!


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Too bad the cessna 400 has a really crappy useful load for the engine size (only about 400lbs after you put in a full tank of gas). I would rather get a Diamond DA40xx or a cirrus sr20. Used, both are way cheaper than the 400 and both have useful loads of 600lbs (after full tanks) with a <200hp easy on the gas consumption as well.

Anyway, what was cooler: the shuttle or the 400?