show pictures of your wings


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in keeping with Josh's post about cars, stick up some photos of the plane(s) you currently fly. We're going to have a wide range here from flight school beaters through DL jets and A-10s
, but it'll be interesting! I'll stick mine up here in a sec after I get pictures uploaded (stinkin' dialup at home...

Can you tell I'm bored, stuck at home with a winter storm warning (last check we had ice pellets, rain AND snow all falling at the same time...) just waiting for the super bowl to start?



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I'll start.
I have quite a few. So rather than posting them all, can just go to my page linked below, and in the "Planes" area of the web site.



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my 'time building machine' (fun as heck to fly, it belongs to a friend of mine) my friends call it my 'barbie plane'

what I'm doing my commercial work in, I fly it as much as I can

though I fly the above planes the most, I also regularly fly an Archer and numerous 172s.



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Here are a few of my planes, I'm just learning the 172RG and the 182, but I couldn't find pics of those on the internet, too lazy to go to the airport to take my own pics.



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<-- The 172 in my avatar here is the one I did my first solo in. When Sierra gets some of its new planes next week I'll post some pics.


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Here's the one I was a partner in (until we sold her

These next two are my part time job:



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Why the sad face, Ed? That airplane looks a hell of a lot better than the ones I'm flying!


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This is the brand spakin' new SP at our FBO:

This is the almighty Warrior that I did my instrument rating and have flown amost all of my time-building for the Comm. in:

This here's the "Skeeter" - a/k/a the One-Fiddy that I've done some time building in as well:

And for whatever reason, they don't have a pic of the Travel Air that I did my PPMEL/IA and will be doing my CMEL in.... but it looks exactly like the plane in my avtar... only blue and white.


If specified, this will replace the title that
"Standard" side shot in color:

Some B&W shots:

80- to 90-percent of my time is in this airplane.

Other pics here.


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Okay, so this isn't my 'wings' but it is a pretty funny *real* picture of a Scenic Airlines Twin Otter after some heavy maintenance and before it went to the paint shop.

Sorry, fo4ever, for using your pic! But I just couldn't resist!



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A-36 (not the actual one):

V35B (also not the actual one, but identical except for colors):

Actual panel shot of the V35B that I fly (taken yesterday when I was bored in cruise). Sorry its all jagged, I had to stitch a few together:

I fly the V35 the most, one of these days maybe I'll actually get around to taking a picture of the outside of it.


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I recognize those 172's! I flew Cable Air's planes for a year and a half while I was in school. Have they put GPS's in any of the 172's yet?