Should I or shoulden't I?


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Should I or shoulden\'t I?

I am thinking of spending the kids college money on myself and attending ATP. Any advice from former or current students?
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Spend the money at ATP and teach them to play a sport. They get the scholarship, you get to live your dream.
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I've always maintained that kids who go to college without being weaned from mom and dad's financial tit don't really apppreciate the experience. (I don't mind helping out a little, but our oldest lived better than we did, all the time complaining about how hard it was to maintian that low C average, myself I paid for 100% off my college and graduated with a 3.80 GPA)

My wife likes to think we've got to pay their bills until we die and they get all our stuff. Although she has decided that this is perhaps something that I deserve to do and will support the idea.

As for sports I don't see any "natural" talent that might lead to any scolarships, so I'll keep driving home the importance of homework.
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Whatever you decide, don't pay for their college straight up and fully...

A little help (or even a lot) is always appreciated (I wish my mother could afford to help), but a free ride can only make things worse

The question is: How far away are they from college? lol
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I'm on a free ride right now from my parents, and they're paying for part of law school too. I did screw up some classes, but it's my grade point that suffered; not theirs. I'm going to still graduate with a 3.2 and get into a decent law program at the rate I'm going.

Not every kid reacts the same way to getting college paid for. I've seen it go both ways here.


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Re: Should I or shoulden\'t I?

Aid breeds dependency!

They could always go the route I took. Enlist in an Air National Guard unit -- they will pay for school, and the child can have the satisfaction of wearing the uniform that defends the ideals of our nation and rights that we enjoy.

Serving in the military helps a person grow, gives them a new perspective on the world and serving others, as well as opens doors for them in the future--great networking to be done, and skills to be learned.