Should I even try it?


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So, I'm finally getting to post a career question. I've currently got about 240hrs with a private cert/instrument. I'm currently very close--like a week--away from being ready to take my private multi checkride. I had planned on getting it, then taking the commercial single and multi combined in a month or so, then going right into the CFI. I know it seems wierd to take the private multi right before the commercial, but it allows me to log the small amount of multi time preparing for the commercial as PIC, which helps towards the multi PIC time required for the MEI...

But anyway, the school I'm currently attending seems to like me well enough, and recently lost three instructors to airlines. They've told me that they're trying to hold a CFI spot for me, but can't hold it for long. The question is, should I jump ship on the multi, try to get my commercial ASAP (like next week--I've pretty much got all the requirements and don't have far to go on maneuvers) and blitz on the CFI, worrying about the multi later? Or is going from where I am am now to CFI in a month or less ridiculous? I can dedicate 6 days a week to this, so I'm thinking it just might be possible. And it would be a great job, lots of students, in a place I'm pretty familiar with.

On the other hand, I'm afraid of having to go back and relearn the twin, as that's expensive time. I'm also afraid of rushing through ratings and not really having the requisite skills and experience.

Any thoughts?

Having done everything but the ride for the CFI (
) I'm sure it can be done in under a month.

6 days a week is plenty, but realize that a LOT of learning to be a CFI does not involve flying (other than learning the right seat).

It comes down to a few things: Learning the FOI (and memorizing the important parts), learning to fly from the right seat (couple flights and you're set), and the last part: learning to teach the material.

The last part can be done mainly by self study, and help you save time and $$$ in the process.

Just be darned sure the spot will still be open when you're through!
I'd say what Ed said.

BTW, Ed, can you autograph my flying article?
I would recommend getting your commercial single engine and your cfi done asap.. Then after that you can get the multi add on for commercial. I think its actually cheaper just to get one add on in the long run then you can build your PIC time later. Doing the private checkride costs a lot extra. I think it might be cheaper to build the multi pic time after you get your add on. The way I did it was did my add on training the last few hours. Did commercial sel and multi add on within a few days. Then started doing my CFI later. Its best to get that CFI asap so you can secure a job. I wasnt in a hurry to get my cfi because I didnt have a job waiting for me. If they didnt need you now I would say go for your multi then cfi however since they need you soon get it done asap. I spent about 2 months preparing for the oral and about a week preparing for the flight portion. However I also had a full time job and school so I didnt get it done as fast as I would have liked to. I had a cfi recently who skipped over multi and did his cfi first. It worked out good for him because he was able to secure a job with us and then work on his multi later since he didnt have many students at first... good luck
I'd say what Ed said.

BTW, Ed, can you autograph my flying article?

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I want mine autographed too!!! Any The Flight Training Encyclopedia (sp), when you give me my copy!
Ditto what Ed said. I'd definitely go for the CFI and work on the later. I got my Commercial multi in Aug. '02, and havent touched one since. I've gotten much more use out of being a CFI. The multi time will come, but not without getting total time too, and having your CFI will allow you to start building that.

If you can dedicate that much time to it, I'm sure you can get it done (as long as you're not in the northeast).

Good luck!
(as long as you're not in the northeast).

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I don't know how much a checkride in your area costs, but around me it will run between $250-$300. With the money saved from not taking the pirvate multi you can get almost two hours of time in a multi(using the Duchess I fly that rents for $175/hr as an example). I would finish your comercial single and then do the multiengine add on. Spend that money on plane time instead of a checkride.