Should I CFI in college or Ari-Ben


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Hello all,
I have a query. Should I choose to obtain my CFI/CFII whilst in college and hope to instruct after classes (I'm attending Embry Riddle for their business program), or should I wait to get my CFI ratings at Ari Ben after college and have a better chance at instructing there? I currently train there, and I have my PPL, MEL, and I'm a third of my way into my instrument training.
Thanx in advance,
sounds like its best to time it so your finishing up your CFI/II just as you finish college. doesnt sound like you would get a whole lot of instructing in with that kind of commute, unless you found someone in a duchess willing to give you a lift each time
... Its best to get the degree first and then start teaching after. I was able to do both at the same time but with the commute you would have it might be best to hold off...
I would spend my time and energy getting the best GPA I could. You can get the ratings, but I would wait until after graduation to start working. Its alot of load to take on while still in school. Some have done it, but I am sure they would tell you it was no cake walk.
Chances are that if you did the CFI first, in hindsight you would have wished you did the classes first. Keep your precious time focused on academics instead of splitting your time to do both. The long commute and all will have a neg. effect on both. In this case, one thing at a time. My .02...

But, after re-reading your post and what Cosmo said, I like the sound of what he said. Tough choice, but time it out if you can.

I'm coming down the 2nd or 3rd week of Jan, so I'll see you there. Good luck.

Blue Skies...
I should have clarified a little more...I was asking if I should CFI whilst in college (if Riddle is hiring or there is another nearby FBO), or if I should wait till I graduate and come back to CFI at Ari-Ben.
Thanx for all of your replies!
Hmmm I guess that depends on how far along in your schooling you are? Id recommend waiting to instruct over there at the aviator. The multi time is golden