Shanghaied? Anyone?


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I have this email I would like everyone to see here. :crazy:
I have not heard anything else back and don't expect too as well. His English is horrible. Who do I need to call to investigate in this? Dateline?

subject line says...."Seaplane Pilot Needed Urgently"‏

> >>
> >> My name is Capt. Johnson Smith, i work with LuckyJets Private Jet
> >> Company located in United Kingdom. I came across your profile and decided
> >> to mail you regarding a job offer. We are seeking for crew member. If you
> >> are interested send me a mail along with your resume, license obtained
> >> including your SPL PPL, CPL, ATP
> >>
> >> Hope to hear from you soonest.
> >> Best Regards
> >> Capt. Mark Frank

My reply :

Capt. Smith and Frank,
> >
> > I am interested and attached is my resume. I would like to know more about
> > Lucky Jets and what is offered prior to sending a copy of my CPL.
> >
> > Thank you,

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx


Thanks for your mail and your kind response. I feel you are more
> than capable of not only working with us we need a responsible person
> that have good influencing and good attitude.
> We have a total of 7 new planes. This is the reason why we are seeking
> for more crew members. We still have vacancy for pilot, co-pilot cabin
> crew flight attendant, engineer. I believe you are the right person
> for the job and i want to assure you that you will not regret working
> with us, we shall treat you as one of our family.
> You know U.K is a very Large country where everyone will like to
> visit.There is so much for you to achieve here in U.K. You should be
> responsible, able to maintain a consistent schedule with your duties
> post, have a loving attitude and patience, along with high energy.You
> should be a self-starter with a sense of humor and maturity.You need
> to be tolerant and understanding. Above all, you need to have a true
> interest in the job you are employ to do full time.
> I want to point our something clear here, because we have a place
> where all the crew member resides. If you prefer living out let me
> know so that preparation can be made before your arrival.
> If you want to live out your bedroom is on a separate floor from the
> flat so you'll have your own privacy. Its includes bathroom and
> private bedroom with cable, internet, laptop, and DVD/VCR. It's
> important that you are happy and comfortable in our home.
> Do you have the necessary papers needed for you to travel to U.K.if
> not i will recommend you to travel consultant that will assist you to
> get the necessary document because without the document ...they would
> not allow you to enter U.K. They assist my company in processing visas
> for staffs, work permit, tax clearance and all related documents to
> their foreign employers . kindly contact and let them know that you've
> been offered a job here in U.K are from by LuckyJets Private Jet
> Company, explain to them all you need to enable you travel to U.K.
> Below is the information of my Travel Consultant:
> Contact Person : Mr. Gordon Williams
> Contact email:
> Hope to hear from you again
> Best Regards
> Capt Frank

My Reply:


Does your company have a website?
Where did you come across my profile?
What is the pay scale?
Is there no place for my family to live?
Where are you from?

Thank You,

xxxxxx xxxxxx
This sounds like an extremely exciting and rewarding opportunity. I just wish I had the experience. I would jump at it in a heart beat.