Serious time building Houston

William Valencia

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Need to built X-country time and night flying in Houston or anywhere in Texas...if you owe a plane or have acces to an inexpensive rental contact me and we can share the expenses.
can you talk to the school and see if they can go any lower on the rates! also how many hrs are you trying to build ? pm your phone ...
Wow...those are some expensive rates. I pay $58 per tach hour dry for a 172N. Comes out to $75-$80 wet. But i'm in Florida so...
Those prices are great, it roughly $3000 for 100 if shared, but I was reading that that price is for the block of 300 hrs
MCO flyer, the price that are you getting is not bad either, that is $40 per person an hour, I can plan on going and fly with you on a weekend I have a friend who is a CFII and MEI in Vero Beach.