For Sale Sennheiser HMEC-25-KA ANR Headset (RJ or Turboprop)


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This headset is in like new condition. about 9 months old, barely 300 hours on it, always kept in it's case. It makes the ATR-72 quiet enough, so my guess is it'll make the RJ near silent. It has electronic noise canceling running off 2 AAs that last a long time, and is way more comfortable (and smaller) than the David Clamps.

Here's a link to a site that sells them with all the info:

Usually retails for $650.00+. It'll be on ebay soon, but if a jetcareers member wants to buy em, I'm asking $375.00 (OBO). It's in perfect condition, with the box and papers.

I'll FedEx overnight them to anywhere in the continental U.S. free of charge or if you live in Atlanta, we can work something out here.

Reason for selling is that I hate wearing headsets period and I try to get away with wearing the smallest one I can wear for the noise environment I am in. The Senn's are about as small as you can go for a noisy turboprop. They do a great job with the noise and are a lot more comfortable than any other headset that'll cancel that much noise out. The jet is quiet enough that I can get away with a Telex 750.