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What is the origin of seniority as practised in aviation today?
Are there differences in how the seniority system is implemented
at different airlines/operators?
How does seniority work between captains and f/o's. Is there 2 seperate lists? I ask because what if an F/O turns down a capt slot and then 10 F/O's under him become capt. And then the next time around that F/O decides to accept the upgrade. When he becomes capt does he start at the bottom of the list or is 10 numbers higher ?

did that make any sense?

Pretty much a system-wide seniority list.

If there is a captain slot open on the 737, everyone has the contractural right to bid on the open captain slot, including the most junior FO on the list up to the most senior captain on the 777.

The pilot with the most seniority is awarded the 737 captain position.

Then once you're captain, when you bid for a schedule, your award depends on your relative seniority to the other 737 captains in your base.

Now I'm confused!
Nope, one list. When that guy finally bids Capt, he'll have seniority over those who upgraded earlier. Delaying upgrade is one way to avoid having to sit reserve--just wait until you've got the seniority to hold a line.
I probably will delay transitioning to the 757/767 until I'm able to hold a line.

Makes life a lot easier if you've got to commute!
I'm glad you asked that, Brian, I was wondering the same thing driving down the road today.

Great minds think alike!