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Dunno if you guys remember me. But after 9 months of battling with the FAA over my one time seizure occurance i received my 3rd class medical. Just thought id let you all know.(especially dans_mom).


thats great the FAA can be real pains in the A$$ when it comes to special issuances... Ive seen it take years to get medical conditions taken care of. The thing im worried about most is heart disease. My great-grandpa, grandfather, father have all had major heart attacks.. My father was lucky enough to survive two heart attacks, I cant say the same for the rest however. If history repeats itself I have a major risk for a heart attack within the next 20-30 years.... Im trying to stay as healthy as I can and I get my blood and EKG done now even though thats not required til im 35. What was the appeals process like? Was the FAA stubborn at all or was it mainly waiting until they could hear your case?
Well when i got denied, I called AOPA and they told me everything i would need. And i sent all that information plus a letter pleading for them to reconsider. 3 months later they finally reveiwed it and about 2 weeks after that they sent it out.

A buddy of ours had a serious heart condition that required a valve replacement AND a pacemaker to be put in. He's an airline pilot, so he HAD to be able to get a first class medical to keep working. There were airline guys out there with replaced valves, and guys with pacemakers, but our friend ended up being the first ever to get a first class medical back with BOTH a pacemaker and a replaced valve! It took about a year total time from first finding out about the condition, and fixing it, until he got his medical back and returned to work. I am still so happily shocked that he's able to still work!
ya thats good news, I always thought a heart attack or bypass surgery was the end of the road for a pilot. Luckily ive managed to keep myself a little more healthy but still we all know the junk pilots live on sometimes.. I just hope I dont have a heart attack at 30 like my father did.. Ive read up about it, they say you can get your medical back but its pretty tricky.