Seattle twin instruction


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I am currently wrapping up my instrument rating at Boeing Field in Seattle. Does anyone know of any FBOs or solo CFIs in the Seattle area (BFI or RTN, maybe PAE), providing twin training at decent rates. I am flying at Galvin and they have a great, new Seminole, but VERY expensive.

Anyone know of anyone else in the area?
Crest has a pretty nice Travelair.
A guy at RNT named Amir does Travelair instruction, I don't have any contract info though.
If you are eligible for the Boeing Employees Flying Assoc, they just got a Duchess.
Take the drive to the ATP in Salem, OR. You can get your multi-rating in four days for $1,695.00 in a Piper Seminole.
Salem is just south of Portland. I live in Portland, and work at Salem Airport. It takes about 45 minutes by car.

I think ATP names their locations according to the major airport in the vicinity, so that the general population (especially Military) will recognize these locations. (i.e. DFW. ... wouldn't make sense to train out of Dallas Fort Worth, but nobody would know where Arlington Municipal was located.)