Seacoast NH fun flying pics


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Take a break from the "work" pictures.... been up in NH all week with the family and got a chance to revisit the roots. I took my first lesson when I was 12 years old in a J3 Cub out of 7B3 (Hampton, NH). Got a call from my Dad who was eating at the airport cafe with my son and he wanted to know if we wanted to go for a biplane ride... (duh?). Plane is owned and flown by a retired Southernjets Capt (former Northeast Yellowbird... Hampton is a mecca of former BOS based guys). Anyway, pictures can be found as always on flickr:

Plus the teasers:



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I had my first flight ever at Hampton. I grew up in the next town over North Hampton, NH. What a great little airport. Used to be owned by the most senior Pan Am captain. I used to pay $20 for a 30 minute ride around my home, the beach, etc in a old Stearman. Later i ended up having my own airplane, a PA-28, there in the summers. BVY in the winter. Was just there a month or so ago.

1800' grass strip with 50' trees all around and a constant ocean crosswind...what fun.

BTW my father-in-law flew for Yellowbird as well, then 33 with Delta on the L-1011


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I wish I knew, that is where my airplane is hangared. I live in Hampton Falls about 5 miles from 7B3. My hangar is the last row of closed hangars on the arrival end of 02. Maybe a 7B3 fly in someday.


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outstanding photos. kind of takes you back. must have been a blast. :nana2: