Scum in Aviation


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I was Google-ing something else and found some articles on Algae-based biofuels. It appears that the yields-per hectare are high enough that oil companies and VC's are taking notice. Production costs are still slightly higher than crude - for the time being.

Has anyone heard anything about applications in the aviation sector?


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I read that UNH article over a year ago, I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in a crew room killing time. Read it top to bottom. Since that time several companies have started to lead the pack with different strains of algae, as well as different ways to grow it that significantly reduce the water and land required.

Pretty amazing stuff. I can only hope that those companies don't "sell out" to Big Oil, and we are beholden to one or two companies. This is something that can be produced on both coasts. They can even grow algae in seawater. I'm convinced we will see more on this in the future.