Scott IPC vs FSI


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First, does Flight Safety do an Initial International Procedures Course? I can only find the recurrent on their website.

Next, given the choice, would you rather do a FSI IPC in the classroom, or a Scott IPC on the computer?
The good thing about Scott IPC on the computer is the ability to back up and listen over sections. Quite a bit of information that could be laid out better, but all in all its an alright course. Will probably take a few days to get through the material.
I know nothing of the Scott IPCs, but I do know FSI definitely does International Procedures initial. If the link doesn't work, just go to their website under Business/Corporate aviation training, pilot-fixed wing, non aircraft specific, then search for "international procedures."
Yes FSI does have an initial intl procedures course.
I recently took the recurrent one and it was great.