Saywer Aviation in Scottsdale


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After lurking around this website for about 2 years I've decided to join and start posting.
I'm currently a student at Westwind in Phoenix and I'm considering jumping ship and looking for another place to train at. I have noticed that a few members go to Sawyer Aviation and I was wondering if its a good place to go. I know absolutely nothing about if anyone has anything to share please reply.
I would recommend checking out other flight schools in the area. I've flown with sawyer aviation serveral times and i was very disappointed in their response to a issue i had with one of their aircraft. Basically the Aircraft was unairworthy. You might want to consider checking out flight school at DVT (Deer Valley Airport) if you need more details feel free to contact me again...Hope i was of help.
Thank you for the reply!! I think the only places at DVT to train at are Westwind and Pan Am. I'm not sure if Cutter offers flight training, but I'll call and ask them. If you have any other insight please let me know.
Another person jumping ship on Westwind. No surprise...Sawyer used to be a great operation a few years ago when the original owner had it and they were at Sky Harbor INT. The new owners and the guy running it do not know what they are doing and yes their aircraft have airworthiness issues. They pay their instructors to work on the aircraft (scary). Why not give ATP a try down in Mesa. It is only a 25 minute drive from DVT. I do not have any first hand knowledge of ATP but the people I have spoken with that have attended seem to be happy. Good luck...ILS
You might want to give Glendale Aviation a call over at Glendale (not that far from DVT) or I use Falcon Executive at Falcon Field (in Mesa).

There are other schools in the valley.

Westwind and Pan-Am aren't the only games in town.