......say goodbye to the 757


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Hey guys and gals sometime last week someone posted info about the new Boeing 7E7. I later found out that due to the current climate facing the airline industry and low orders that Boeing plans to discontinue the B-757 by 2007/2008 if not sooner.

The Boeing 757 is my favorite Boeing airliner it is a very sleek and sexy looking plane. Not to mention it's cheap per seat mile cost and it's super efficent wing that allows it to climb and decend faster then any plane currently on the market.

I hear that Boeing plans to replace the 757 with the 737-900ER which if made will seat up to 220 passengers or the 7E7. This also makes me wonder if there gonna discontine the 767 program as the 7E7 is gonna be a super efficent two aisle jetliner. The 767-400 is also a very sleek looking plane but not sure if many customers have bought that plane yet as I think only Delta and Continental have purchased the jet.

Anyways guys and gals I really like to hear from all of you about how you feel about the possible end of the 757 line and any additional comments aobut the 767 and 7E7 thanks.
I felt this way when the B-727s started retiring. It's sad to see airplanes go, but honestly what else can be expected in this day and age. I always say I wish I could fly a B-737 at SWA or a B-757 at ATA for the rest of my career, but the reality is when I'm retiring at 60 I betcha there will be some supersonic transport or something. Just look at someone like Bob Buck. Started on DC-2s and DC-3s, and retired on the B-747. That is quite a step in technological advancement.
Awwwwww..... I always wanted to fly one of those! But despite Boeing's stopping production, they'll still be around for a long time.
Yup, 757s have a big presence in the aviation industry for their efficiency. They are definately an unusual looking design not so typical of Boeing with their wing setup and length in proportion to their fusalage diameter.
Nooo! 757 is one of my favorite airliners, good thing I've flown on one. Anyways, it will be years and years and years before they are done flying, so it's nothing to worry about on a grand scale.

I always thought the 7E7 was more of a big brother to the 757 than a replacement?

And how much can they expand those 737s? Those 738s don't even look like 737s anymore.
that Boeing plans to discontinue the B-757 by 2007/2008 if not sooner.

[/ QUOTE ]

Sounds to me like they're going to discontinue production of the B757 by 2007/2008... not take them out of the air.

If that's the case, then... no worries - those big mutha's will be around a long time.
That plane is the reason why I now have 20 gray hairs on my had versus having only 10 before I started instructing.
I agree with R2F. You'll probably see the 757s already in service flying for a long time, simply because no one can afford to replace them. Plus I'm sure that Boeing will continue to support them as long as they fly, so there would be no real need to retire them.