Saturday Jetcareers Virtual Happy Hour (changed details)


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Someone put @Rocketman99 in charge, just make sure he goes back to that place with the animals on the walls. That wasn't weird at all.
Eh. My buddy likes to hunt. He's been on lots of international hunting trips and has the mounts up in his bar/gaming room which is like twice the size of my condo. I dunno what else to tell ya.


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If I was computer illiterate, where would I find the passcode? I clicked on the previous links and it took me to a page that didn't exist.


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Sorry I missed. I had a virtual concert to watch which was a lot of fun minus the router issues. Time for a new router, me thinks. :p


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Considered crashing the party this upcoming Saturday, since I'll be at work and not hanging out with the kids like past couple of months worth of Saturdays, but 12+ hr duty day and hotel at 2300 Eastern makes that not feasible. One of these days.