Samurai, spins and feathers ... oh my!


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Well I had a relatively kick@$$/eventful weekend.

Friday night I saw "The Last Samurai" - which is friggin' cool.

Saturday morning I did my spin endoresement in one of these:

A Great Lakes. We did about 5 or 6 - 3- to 5-rotation spins. It was friggin' awesome. My stomach did get a little unhappy - but it wasn't the spinning that got to me it was the pull out. I did the endoresement at Chandler Air Service here in PHX - they teach and compete in Aerobatics. Overall I really had a lot of fun and I think I may have caught the Aerobatics bug. If I ever get a little free time, and more importantly a little extra money, I think I'm going to get into some aerobatic flying.

Sunday, I went out with a really cool pilot and shot some approaches. We landed at FFZ (my home base) for lunch. We tried The Monestery and it was really cool - you cook all your own food but it's fairly decently priced. When we finished up we headed back to the airplane only to find the right prop was feathered. It's not supposed to do that so I drove her (the cool pilot) back to SDL where I had picked her up and I headed back to the airplane. I pushed it back a bit and started up the right engine. The prop came out of feather and all the engine instruments read normaly. So I shut down and pushed it back in to tie it down. By the time I was finished tying it down the right prop was at a severe pitch angle. So I walked over and kind of held my hand on it and I felt it - and watched it - move all the way into feather. :sad: :angry:

So .... it looks like my checkride is gonna be nixed for the time being. We're taking it into the shop this morning. Gotta love owning an airplane.

Over all it was one of the best weekends I've had in a very, very long time (the prop thing withstanding).