Salt Lake City this week


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I'm throwing it out here again. I will be in Salt Lake City this weekend (Fri-Sun). If anyone in the area is interested in coming out to the airport to say hi, check out the airplane or just talk and ask some questions, I will be available. I'll be flying the Lear 35 this weekend, so nothing special if you want to see neat-o avionics or anything state of the art; just a heads up. Anyway, let me know awight. Late.
You picked the wrong weekend man!
Is the plane just going to be parked at the ariport all weekend or what? You wanna let us go in it and touch stuff?
Yeah, anyone is welcome to come check it out. Just don't touch the ejection button,,,,WHATEVER YOU DO!
I'd love to check it out. Where are you going to be parking? I will be working at OK3 Air on the E ramp.
Hmmm. Maybe we should have a picnic in the cock pit!!

[/ QUOTE ]

Uhh..please take the space out of the two words above synonymous with Flight deck..
So many ways to go with different posts in this thread!
A guy like me has a difficult time holding back the commentary!
Hey Ohir
I can't give out that info here. If you want to come out, just throw me a PM and we'll work out the details.