Sallie Mae loan


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I know this may have been asked previously but I couldn't find it.When a loan is taken out from Sallie Mae for flight training when are you required to start making payments? When you get the loan or when your training is complete?


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They will bill you right away. The payments to the FBO come in clumps and your bill will vary to reflect the amount they have loaned to you at any givin time.


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that would depend on how you set up the loan. on my first loan (ppl) I started paying right away. With my ifr loan I am only making interest payments until I am done with the training.


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I began paying on my SM loan right away, but I don't know whether you are "required" to do so. You may be unless you can show that you are a FULL-TIME student (i.e... not working).

I could be wrong.



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Key Bank has a really good alternative loan you should check into. You don't have to start payment on it until 6 months after your training is complete. That is what I am planning on using. You can get to it from their website ""