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Could a private pilot with a current ASEL rating be a saftey pilot for someone in a plane that is complex? Not high performance, just complex. Even though the saftey pilot did not have a complex sign-off.
Yes, he is not acting PIC, therefore he does not need the signoff. Just needs to be rated in cat./class.
That is exactly what I thought.

I could be wrong on this...but doesn't it say somewhere that the safety pilot must be properly rated in the airplane also?

Would this also include a complex endorsement?

I think I read that on an FAA test or study guide?
see CFR 91.109(b)(1)
its Private Pilot in category and class.. no mention of needing the 'complex.' That is not a rating, it is a logbook endorsement.

I am not saying this directly to you av8rmsu, but in general I have found that the more literally one reads the CFR's, the easier this stuff gets to interpret.
I haven't asked anybody in forever....How's the weather up in NorCal???

I wanna be home soooooooooo bad.........
I haven't asked anybody in forever....How's the weather up in NorCal???

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Cloudy and raining a lot. I miss the Colorado snow.
not very FREAKIN nice...

Redding CA [KRDD] hourly observation on the 14th at 2:53pm PST (2253Z)
wind 170° at 14 knots gusting to 18 knots, visibility 8 miles, light rain, 1,100 feet scattered, 1,400 feet broken, 1,900 feet overcast, temperature 12°C (54°F), dewpoint 10°C (50°F), altimeter 29.96, automated station with precipitation discriminator, sea level pressure 29.96" Hg (1014.6 hPa), 0.01 inch (water equivalent) of precipitation in the previous hour, temperature 11.7°C (53.1°F), dewpoint 10.0°C (50.0°F).

1pm (21Z)-5pm PST (01Z) temporarily visibility 2 miles, rain, mist, 1,000 feet overcast
7:00pm PST (0300Z) wind 180° at 5 knots, visibility 5 miles, light rain, mist, 800 feet scattered, 1,500 feet overcast
7pm (03Z)-11pm PST (07Z) temporarily visibility 3 miles, rain, 800 feet overcast
4:00am PST (1200Z) wind 180° at 6 knots, visibility 3 miles, light rain, mist, 1,000 feet overcast.

Are you from up here?
Are you from up here?

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The City & County of
San Francisco!!!! Home, sweet home.....