Safety Pilot


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I'm a private pilot and I have a friend who is a private pilot. We are about to start on our instrument. Can we go up and fly under the hood with one of us acting as a safety pilot? Can we both log PIC?

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Normally, a safety pilot, required by regulations, who scans for traffic for a pilot flying under simulated instrument conditions is not the pilot-in-command and only logs second-in-command. However, if the two pilots agree that the safety pilot is designated pilot-in-command, the safety pilot/pilot-in-command may log PIC since he is the pilot responsible for the operation and safety of the aircraft. The pilot flying is "sole manipulator of the controls for which the pilot is rated"" and may also log PIC. Therefore, two private pilots may log PIC under these conditions. However, the safety pilot/pilot-in-command must realize that anything that occurs during the flight is his responsibility. Airspace violations, non-compliance with ATC instructions, near mid air collision, and runway incursions on the ground are all now charged to the safety pilot.