Safe for Dogs in cargo/baggage to Hawaii?

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Hello all.

My mom is trying to take her dog to Maui (long term) from LAX. None of the airlines will allow any dog (except guide dogs) to be in the cabin to Hawaii. The dog is a six-year-old female and weighs about 9 pounds and my mom loves that dog like she is a person. My mom is afraid to let the dog travel with baggage/cargo. What do you think? Are the cargo areas reliably pressurized and temperature controlled? Or do you think that it's too dangerous for a small dog?

Continental has a service that they advertise in which they claim to be the industry leaders in pet travel. They have a "petsafe" program and they claim that the area for the pets is completely safe. Continental flys to HNL but not OGG. Could some of the Continental guys offer their opinion(s) on whether or not it's safe. Any insight would be great to hear.

I found (online) some listings of pet fatalities on the airlines but there's a lot of conflicting information. I appreciate your help.



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