Russian Airliners

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Why are they all so ugly? Just curious.
The -154M is not a bad looking machine and neither is the -204. Which ones were you thinking of. The IL-62 is mostly out of service. The -134 is gone. The Yaks look like just about any other 3 engine airplane and the IL-96 just looks like a short chubby 747.


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Who cares?

As long as the female flight attendants and female passengers are hot that is all that matters.


Orange Anchor

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The old -134 is not a bad looking machine.

The -154M with the stretch fuselage is not bad looking.

More than anything, it is the paint scheme that destroys the lines.


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There is a Russian prop plane across from the UAA facility at Merrill, and it is ugly. But I would still like to try flying it.:)