RST to ORD, ORD to RST - commuting


Eric Bohn

Does anyone have any experience commuting from RST to ORD? Can you typically count on a seat on any given flight? Is there a way you can see a history of the number of passengers each flight departed with to determine the odds of finding a seat to commute on?
From the nature of the question I'm guessing you're new to the biz?

Generally speaking you cannot count on a seat ever. You'll see what flights operate among all the airlines and typically some will be more full than others depending on the day of the week, time, season etc.

If you work for a carrier (or a regional partner) you can see the loads ahead of time for that particular carrier so that you can make an educated decision on which flight to take. The only historical I for,action is through your own experience and word of mouth.
I fly it all the time. It varies. Some flights are full. Some flights are not. In the summer, we are rarely heavy, so jumpseat is possible.
Baronman - I'm not in the airline industry yet, currently a time builder considering my options in next steps. I live in the RST area, and based on flight aware data there seems to be a convenient number of flights heading to ORD every day. An ORD commute might not be a terrible option, but of course that's from the outside looking in.

falconvalley - I appreciate your response.
At CHQ we do. In the winter, we've been doing last in, first out short rest overnights. This summer, they've gotten much longer. Our 140 contract with American only has about 1 more year, though. It was extended last January. Who knows if we will be overnighting in RST a year from now.