Route Check on Wednesday


The boss scheduled me for a route check on wednesday, not really looking forward to this because I get to be the first guy from the company to ride with the new POI. Any advice? Uhhhh.



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Put some ground up sleeping pills in his coffee. :sarcasm:

Just be yourself and talk to him and see what his demeanor is. Try to get him to talk about himself.

If you keep it professional and by the book you will be fine.


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I had to do my 135 PIC initial with my CP and POI to certify the CP as a check airman. It wasn't really too big of a deal, but it was very thorough. We covered everything in the 135 IFR PIC modules, and beforehand the POI said it would basically be an ATP checkride. That comment made me nervous, but since I'd already been doing a bunch of part 91 flights in that aircraft (Chieftain) it went well.

Just make sure you're fresh on any regs that may come up, and that you have a thorough pax briefing (unless you only haul boxes of course). Good luck!


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You would still give the briefing, the FAA and check airman are passengers. See what happens when you don't!