Rough Ride


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Dozens of passengers injured after aircraft shaken by turbulence

HOUSTON, Texas (AP) -- A Lufthansa jet was shaken by severe turbulence over the Atlantic on Wednesday, and as many as 35 people were hurt, officials said.

Between seven to 10 people required hospital treatment when the plane landed at Bush Intercontinental Airport, its final destination. The injuries were not thought to be serious.

"They were tossed around a lot. Bags (from overhead bins) may have fallen on them," said Ernie DeSoto, spokesman for the airport system.

Lufthansa Flight 440, which originated from Frankfurt, Germany, was over the Atlantic when it began experiencing "some pretty bad turbulence," DeSoto said.

The wide-body plane, with 250 people on board, landed Wednesday afternoon in Houston, where it was met by several ambulances and fire trucks.

Besides those taken hospitals, about 25 passengers needed first aid treatment at the scene.

Initial reports also said the plane suffered some structural damage, DeSoto said.