Rota naval air station (LERT)


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These are pictures from work, Enjoy...

C-26 Navy version of Fairchild Metro III Metroliner

AC-130 Gunship

Douglas A-3 Skywarrior

Boeing Vertol CH-47F Chinook

I was born in the old (now demolished) hospital at LERT. My dad was a tech rep flying in the back of P-3's in the late 70's. :rawk:

Any more pics?
What's the A-3 doing there? For testing or something? I thought they were retired.

It is just in the hanger until it goes to Alabama. Here's the website where I got the information from.

The only people who flies now is the civilians. Raytheon and few other companies flies it now. The last A-3 flew till 1991 with the Navy. Navy flew it from 1951-1991. It's the largest aircraft to ever takeoff and land from a carrier. The crew called it A3D (all 3 dead), because it did not have an ejection seat. Just visit the website above it you're still interested in more info.