Available: Roommate @ Legacy at Arts Quarter 1-15-09


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Looking for a roommate to split a 2br in downtown OKC. I haven't resereved the unit, I wanted to find out who'd be interested in staying downtown.
I am an OTS new hire that will be attending the JAN 16th Tracon Basics. My FOL states that I should end MAR 5th. I would like to find someone that is either in my class or has similar class dates.

I was quoted $79 for a 2BR. So $79/2, would be around $40 per day per person. REMEMBER garage parking is INCLUDED in the rent!

Me: 31yo, headed to a Tracon, partnered, I like to have fun but don't party too much, into health and fitness. I don't plan on having tons of people over.

You: Male or female, NOT a partier!

Garage Parking included!
I have attached a link for the details of the property.


Let me know if your interested! I would like to reserve sooner than later.