Roomate for the Jan. 20th Basics...


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I'm staying at the Montclair Parc ( and was wondering if anyone wanted to split a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom....

Here is the Breakdown of costs...(ps. the place is BEAUTIFUL, 8 miles from academy, and i have a car)...

Room = $910
Furniture rental = $230
(you need to rent the furniture, but they put it in for us before we move in, and they take it away after we leave.)
We have to pay for Cable, Internet, and Electricity.

The Room will be $570 per person then plus cable, internet, and electricity. so it wont be to much more than that. and we can just save the rest of the money the FAA pays us for lodging. ill probably be moving in on the 18th or 19th. let me know.