Rome, Italy (#2 for the week)


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The rush begins...

You know, I wasn't really a fan of the paint job at first, but it's starting to look alright.

Curses! Cut off


Ok, I've been a good kid all week, might as well have a little 'scream

Hey! That guy's kicking that other guy's ass!

Captain and one of the flight attendants traipsing down the Spanish Steps. Actually, the steps have nothing to do with Spain other than the Spanish Consulate is nearby.

Walking the streets of Rome. Luckily, one of the flight attendants is a professional tour guide on his days off so he showed us around the city.

Ok, behind Marcellus here is the Pantheon. It was a Pagan temple dating back to (I think) 500 BC but was converted to a Christian monument of sorts.

Some guidebooks say these are bullet holes. These are NOT actually. The Romans posted war medals up here and after the fall of Rome, they were stolen.

This big hole...

Drains into this little hole into a cistern:

Walking towards...

Another church, I can't remember the name of it, or the artist's name, but he was a painter who was highly talented, but more or less the "Tommy Lee" of his day. Orgies and debauchery pretty much overshadowed his artistic accomplishments and he got booted out of the city numerous times.

More Roman intrigue. I can't remember the names exactly, but two competing architects, one built a church and the other built a fountain. The architect put up a lone female statue that looks away from his rival's fountain just to smite the guy because he was rumored to be homosexual...

My chronology might be off, but the designer of the fountain in front of the church has a single statue that's expressing disdain of the building built by his rival.

Julius Caesar got whacked here. NOT in the Senate as legend says.

Kinda looks like MPenguin. The face, not the statues "junk" you pervs!

For every statue, a bird...

Old Roman-era condominium. The higher you lived, the poorer you were. No elevators back in the day, duh! :)

Monument from the 1800's commemorating the unification of Italy. A little trivia. Heroes mounted on horses... If the horse has one leg up, he died of his injuries from battle. If the horse has two legs up, he died *during* battle.

The green terrace is where Napoleon's mother died. Very much nearby where Benito Mussolini would make his speeches.

Example of the "one leg up" story from above.

Tomb where Peter and Paul were held and crucified. The upside down cross symbolizes how they were supposed crucified upside down because they (or one of them) didn't think he deserved to die the exact same method Jesus did.

The forum.

Supposedly the world's first indoor mall. Each ruler built his own mall, as the tourguide said, "Instead of building Presidential libraries, they built forums and malls to honor themselves"

Max's doppelganger:

The coliseum. Used to be covered in travertine, but it was removed to build the Sistine chapel. Tickets were free, but were only given out to the notables, that could then give them out to the people. Only men were allowed except for 'working women' who were on the top levels. Food and drink (usually dried beef and wine) were free and the spectators would engorge themselves with food, vomit, and keep on eating and drinking. Or they go upstairs and take advantage of the "Worlds Oldest Profession" between death matches. In fact, the word "vomit" comes from "vomitorium" which means "fast exit". Each gate was numbered and your ticket had a specific number corresponding to the gate you'd enter thru. I might have his wrong, but I think the method was considered "vomitorium" beacuse of the quick and efficient method of entering and exiting the coliseum. I couldbe wrong, I dunno.

Taking a short cut.

Girls, girls, girls

The fountain, yet again.

Ad at the hotel advertising the rooftop garden terrace at the hotel:

Take a closer peek at the picture and who do you see? Two ER bubba's sitting there enjoying the view in full uniform:


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Great pictures, as we have come to expect.

I learned that horse fact at a Gettysburg civil war site, so perhaps it is global.


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Excellent pictures, Doug. I spent considerable time there in college - incredible city. You're lucky to have the FA tour guide! Keep up the good work!


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I wish I made it to Rome. The 2 times my Dad went I was sick, once with the chicken pox and the other time with mono. :banghead: I want to get there soon. Damn you Rome.

That really does look like Max :laff:.
Great pics. Love the descriptive captions also.


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Great shots. You know, I felt the same as you about the new Delta livery. But it doesn't look that bad.


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More Rome Photos:

Rump of an Air China A340:

Holding short. Who gets to go first?

The island of Elba:

Near Cinque Terra (Terre?):

The Alps:


Poofy, happy clouds over the Atlantic. Strangely, New York OCA was especially busy. GET FMC/CPDLC PEOPLE! :)

Alitalia 777 passed us like we were standing still. 2000 feet below us:

The "classic"


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Very nice Doug!
I think I just decided where to go for my fisrt trip to Europe.
Rome is a great city, you'll love it. The Forum is amazing. Hit Florence as well if time permitts. It's about a 3 hour train ride if memory serves.

Thanks for the pictures Doug!


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Gotta spread a little joy when there's joy to be found these days, brotha.

I'm starting a six-day trip today, it was SUPPOSED to be Frankfurt, but they took it for IOE and gave me a six-day Amsterdam. So I'm going from beer 'n schitzel to beer 'n ribs.

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Great pics Doug! I'm really liking the girls and the f/a's!

btw I think the new Delta colors are bangin, I was around both JFK and LGA today and saw numerous 767's, 757's, MD80's, and even Comairs with the scheme and it looked pretty neat from the ground!

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Very nice Doug!

Looks like the weather cooperated for you.

....Although the weather may have been too cold when they carved that nude male statue.

I did Guatemala City - LAX - GUA again.

I ditched my captain on the 2nd GUA layo because he wanted $1.50 tacos......whereas I love those $10 steak dinners instead!

...Plus I wanted to mingle with the locals and I didn't need no golf shirt & khaki pants wearing, English only speaking, penny pinchin, light beer drinking, pilot-y types crampin' my style!

I also ditched him on my LAX layo as well. Went to hang with my bro and sistah......who had free tiks to the Hollywood Bowl. Wife met us out there too. Oh, and I went to play my geetar on the beach at El Segundo during sunset prior to my red-eye LAX - GUA flight. The perfect attitude adjustment! Although the El Segundo beach is not exactly paradise.

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Find the pilot!


You know the book series called Where's Waldo?

We should publish a similar book called:

"Find the Pilot on a Layover"

Oh, there he is!

Wonder what gave it away?

DL needs to hire a Vice President of crew fashion so that we are not so obvious.

By the way, I like the color yellow now.